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How it works:

  1. Enter basic criteria like your age and when you play.

  2. We'll auto-match you with 100 likeminded players in a permanent group.

  3. Schedule games and get notified when others do.

  4. Use realtime chat to discuss strategy and get to know your group.

  5. Dominate Overwatch from day one with a solid group of teammates!

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What is

If you play video games, then you already know it's more fun to play with other humans. But it's not easy to find a dozen people who own the same game, on the same console, and have exactly the same schedule.

The 100 concept is simple: select when you play, your timezone, your age, whether you're serious or casual, and we'll automatically group you with 100 other like minded players.

You'll have more fun playing video games, you'll always have a group of fun people to play with, and you will totally dominate in PvP against a team of randoms. Probably.

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