Raid - Last Wish

Black Fire Crew

Quick Last Wish

Mic required
No level required
5 Players / 6


Main gris 6 2 2020 5 10 13 pm
Hoessayoh Hoessayoh creator

palet town gym leader, hoessayoh, exercise enthusiast, couch potato, no memes, new memes

Default avatar
DattoButBaddo 76561198986693346

pve, profanity ok

Main con ataritouchpad
DC1 (DMC123) 76561199030458944

sherpa, use to chase platinums.., pve, profanity ok

Main 816524556478417aec88ad71b6bb881d
Flann64 87498194

casual, traveling, technology, pve, pvp, microphone required

Default avatar
MrWingnut 76561198019911748

technology, pvp, pve, play 20+ hours a week, committed, parent

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