Competitive Play

Bravo Company 360

RECRUITMENT - Welcome to Bravo Company 360! Please be advised that we use Discord primarily for chat, so joining this post will notify us there so we can help get you settled in!

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
19 Players / 6


Main mux gamerpic 1
Mad Mux Mad Mux creator

pve, profanity ok, pvp, raider, sherpa, soldier: 76

Main 10197833 12 600 427
Vegetabless Vegetabless

sherpa, pve, old, pvp

Main tumblr oozmmk2ije1qjfr5qo1 r1 500

profanity ok, pvp, college student, ptz, pve

profanity ok, pvp, college student

Default avatar
Quikone Quikone

Main izritizjd1 fhewy9exggg r

pvp, strengthinnumbers, pve, sherpa, trialsovereverything, suckitnerds

Main lgtatocross

parent, sherpa, profanity ok

healer, off tank, role player

Main flclgif

flcl, sherpa, raid rookie, profanity ok, kitti, smiles

healer, very chill, support

profanity ok, maturegamer, stonerfriendly

Main v30121205sr essential corner toilet bathrooms com side square medium white
a baby panda

winston, zarya, moira, pharah

pvp, parent, profanity ok

warlock, streamer, sherpa, microphone, raider

Main university of montana grizzlies logo icon
sDeavs sDeavs

raider, sherpa, hunter, titan, warlock, late night

pvp, pve, raid veteran, dark zone

profanity ok

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