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Alpha Company 845 Xbox One casual | members: 86 | activity score: 0

"Judge Judys Executioners"

avg. age: 27   mics required   parents   college students
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Welcome to Alpha 845, your low sodium dose of Destiny built from the ground up by solid group solo players who bonded over this amazing game. All members are adults who floated through LFG and 100 posts and overtime formed a solid base of friendship and fireteams that is 4 years strong and growing. We understand the needs of family life and you will never be chastised for putting the game down for real world needs. So, put away your salt shaker, grab your drink, reload your Thunderlord and lets grab that loot.

Note from group mod:


We use Discord for clan communication. Inside you’ll find a variety of resources from our general clan chat were we mock each other, share memes and talk life in and outside destiny to our news room where destiny news is posted daily, to the danger room where we spam Charlemagne commands to compare stats. We have also integrated the100 with our discord server and new game postings show up real time in the chat so you never miss a chance to join in the action. We participate in all areas of Destiny and have multiple raids running each week, but more players mean more fun so pad the numbers. Most games and activities are made organically rather then posted by the volume of players Online .

Code of Conduct:

Joining this clan means you agree to respect your fellow gamer our Clan is made up of people from all walks of life and personal attacks on others will not be tolerated. Now, this doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of snowflakes who can’t take a joke, it’s quite the opposite actually. On any given night you can guarantee that someone will be told to GIT GUD when asking for a revive, mocked for throwing a grenade 5 feet instead of 50, and asked multiple times why they bring shame to their subclass of choice. Were a clan full of adults who drink when they play, smoke when they play, and OD on sugar when they play, so we take insults lightly and strive to have fun together. If you feel like you have a interpersonal issue you can’t resolve on your own, please bring it forward to one of the admins and we promise to handle it quickly a fairly. Admins reserve the right to boot anyone’s ass for drama and disrespect


So you think this group is for you , what do you do next? feel free to message a mod or admin on joining the clan and also receive a link to Discord.

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Destiny 2

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