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Welcome to Chilled Gamerz!

This clan was created to give adults a chill community of gamers to become friends, and to just kick back and relax.

I, like many of you have a job and a family which comes before gaming, we just want to play awesome games and have a good time.

Come join us, have some fun, and most of all, just chill.

Clan Info and Social Media

Please join our community Discord server as it is our main form of communication:
Our Please head over to our Destiny 2 Clan page and join our clan:


1. Follow all the rules in our Discord, this is our main form of communication in this clan and everyone should abide by those rules.
2. No hate speech and respect everyone in the clan. As Bill and Ted once said, be excellent to each other.
3. No rage quitting. If you have to leave for any reason, even to just cool off, just let us know so we can fill your spot.



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