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young adult, pve, pvp, hunter, warlock, titan

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Flawless heroic menegarie followed by flawless scourge, priority to friends and scrubs. Experience required

Weekly challenge PLUS SotP Flawless

Flawless run attempt, looking to put a regular team together for this time slot until we get it. 10+ clears minimum, no egos, focus is on getting it done. Priority to team that did flawless CoS (Alvy, Dredd, etc.).

3x runs for chances at the ship. Please only join if you can commit to 3 full runs.

Heroic Menagerie - lots of runs for the sword. Priority to people from last week and people who didnt get in the run.

Gone Huntin’ and Six of a Kind Triumphs • Regular Group comes first!

This group is full, but you can automatically join a similar one!

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frickn' annoying, sherpa, pvp, pve, parent, profanity ok

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