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Welcome to Orbit!

The 100 group for Fireteam Water. If you want to arrange raids or other activities that require extra planning then here's your tool!

Note from group mod:
Disclaimer: This page is used primarily by members of the Fireteam Water clan but all are welcome. We invite you to join our Destiny 2 clan and contribute to the experience and get your weekly rewards.

We only have one rule...Don't be an asshat.

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Iron Banner is Back!

10/10 - 10/17 

Let the grind begin!

Nightfall Modifiers
Savathun's Song
Flashpoint EDZ
Xur Location Winding Cove EDZ
Weapon Vigilance Wing
Warlock Nezarec's Sin
Hunter Foetracer

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members

microphone, xbox one, pve


profanity ok, microphone, dying master

raider, pvp, pve, titan, tower npc


tower dance champion, profanity ok, elite grenade lobber

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