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Awesome Bravo 706

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Awesome Bravo 706

Despite the fact that the 100 keeps subtracting from our activity score (it was once 152 believe it or not) we are still very active. The majority of us have just been coordinating through chat and PSN, however we're going to try and move our activities back over to the 100 in order to involve new people.


Although anyone can join, this is a group oriented towards adults [see average age]. We have daytime (or nighttime) professions, cuss (and probably drink) like sailors and prioritize fun. If this isn't you, don't worry because there are plenty of other groups geared towards younger ages and college students that are probably a better fit.


Hey folks, don't be afraid to start up your own group. Last night, while we only had 1 active group, we had 2 groups worth of members trying to get in. Even if you've already started playing, just post up a group and tell potential members to just message you on PSN. (^_^)b

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sherpa, profanity ok, college student, parent

pvp, parent, pve

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