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Everyday Player In Combat | Xbox One | private group | serious | members: 1111 | avg. age: 35 | mics required | parents | college students | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

From the Summoning Pits rose EPIC!

Bureau of Space Magic | Xbox One | casual | members: 127 | avg. age: 39 | mics required | parents | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

We are a group who enjoy playing Destiny together and meeting new people. Many of us enjoy helping each other gear up and learn new mechanics in the game. We want everyone to be able to get their stuff done. So create or join sessions, respect any session requirements, ask for help, and most importantly, have fun.

Echo Company 754 | Xbox One | casual | members: 200 | avg. age: 35 | mics required

Welcome to Echo Company 754! We are a group of dads, moms, dudes, and dudettes just looking to have fun and meet nice people. We have many great Sherpas to guide you in your journey through Destiny. Please come say hello in our Discord server and post/join one of the many sessions we have.

Bravo Company 455 | Xbox One | casual | members: 140 | avg. age: 34 | mics required | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

A bunch of ladies and gentlemen that aren't afraid to shoot stuff in the face, shoulder charge each other off cliffs, die to Chubby bubbles, grieve when the raid doesn't drop what we wanted, wipe a million times on a new raid for several weeks, play drinking games during Iron Banana, and teabag our fellow guardians when they fuck up and die somehow.

Legion Of Cayde's Killers | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 60 | avg. age: 38 | mics required | parents | college students | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

There's nothing better than having a few good laughs with buddies, while raiding or kicking butt in the crucible. Much like Cayde himself, we take pride in being the black sheep of the Destiny clans. Members should be friendly, easy going players who get as much enjoyment out of helping others through their first raid, as they do furthering their own character development. We are adults who act years younger than we really are, and prefer to play with like-minded people. We can get mouthy at times, so if profanity isn't your thing, you may not fit too well. We don't tolerate spamming of any kind.

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