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Bravo Company 455 | Xbox One | casual | members: 140 | avg. age: 34 | mics required | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

A bunch of ladies and gentlemen that aren't afraid to shoot stuff in the face, shoulder charge each other off cliffs, die to Chubby bubbles, grieve when the raid doesn't drop what we wanted, wipe a million times on a new raid for several weeks, play drinking games during Iron Banana, and teabag our fellow guardians when they fuck up and die somehow.

OurLightFadesAway | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 69 | avg. age: 36 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

We are a chill group of adults who like to play all game modes. We have members from all US time zones and a few from other countries. The group expectations are that you be active, chill with good attitude, be willing to help others, have a working mic, have all dlc content, and be over the age of 21. Although we are listed as casual, we are serious about completing the task at hand. However, we keep our sessions fun and laidback. If that sounds like you, just message a mod on Xbox.

Alpha Company 0 | Xbox One | casual | members: 48 | avg. age: 31 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Most members live in the Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 31. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

because REASONS | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 85 | avg. age: 31 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)


Peach Trees this is MaMa | Xbox One | private group | casual | members: 23 | avg. age: 43 | mics required | parents | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

A friendly reminder fellow Guardians… Part of the MaMa creed is to have fun. This group was designated as a casual group for a good reason. Many of our members enjoy being able to play in a relaxed and non-hostile environment which can often be hard to find from what we hear when new members join after usually doing a raid with us. A serious and competitive play style is fine and perfectly acceptable but not for everyone. That is why there are Serious and Casual groups on the100.io. We want to remind people that this a casual group. We do not want people in our games to feel rushed, be called out for something being their fault or really any hostility towards any individual. This is a game and if your digital trinkets and getting it done in 30 minutes or less are more important than having fun than this group is probably not going to suit you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do your serious raiding with a serious group and stick around for shenanigans with this group. Trust us we will not be offended. Just remember to play nice out there. Save the aggression for the enemies and not your teammates is all we ask. I started this group because we were frustrated with players who were more concerned with the stuff and wanted to play with like minded folks. This group would not exist without everyone we play with who share this philosophy. That being said we can't and won't abide people treating others poorly or with disrespect. Yours, Aces & Chu-Chu

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