Raid - Crown of Sorrow

Black Fire Crew

Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
1 reserve


Main gold phoenix black background
Phoenix 76561198019436022 creator

sherpa, student, pc, hunter, microphone, pve

Main iroh
Cannon Fodder 76561197981493384

sherpa, microphone, titan, pve, parent, pvp

Main download
Crashdown 76561198025061990

profanity ok, pve

Default avatar
Darksarcasm 76561197972687020

pve, parent, play 20+ hours a week, adult, profanity ok

Main laughing pilot
Elahen 76561198052366580

play 20+ hours a week, pvp, parent, profanity ok, pve

Lerder 76561198025000895

reserve players:

Main star warhammer 40k by g1d4n
Bahumat77 Bahamut 77

profanity ok, pve, pvp

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