Raid - Last Wish

Charlie Company 791

Stream-worthy content incoming

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
6 Players / 6
3 reserves


Philosoraptor47 creator

xbox one, titan, warlock, hunter

Main rich in vegas
First 1 In First 1 In

cigars, relic, perpetually torn, fireball fueled, sherpa, swordbearer

Main riley car
Mc2Beers Mc2beers

sometime raider, profanity ok, warlock, sherpa wannabe

Main 1up

often trip over my own tripmine, bubble rockets, scrub mvp, assist monster, 1v1 thralls, once sharded y1 husk of the pit cuz it looked like garbo

Main 62141470
Big D 849

titan, raider, hunter, xbox one, gunslinger

hunter, sporadic playing times, warlock

reserve players:

Main file

pve, profanity ok, sherpa

Main elricsf
Rhyll Hossred

parent, pvp, raid rookie, pve

Default avatar
Hollowed Rogue Hollowed Rogue

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