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The Dandy Guardians PS4 casual | members: 50

avg. age: 40   mics required

Chill, adult group for regular raiders.

Note from group mod:


This is a group for regular raiders.

We're all chill, friendly, adult Guardians - well, at least for the first couple of hours.

To join, you must be chill, adult, friendly and not a rager or a blamer. If you rage-quit a game you don't come back, if you leave a game in the lurch at short notice you don't come back.

If we don't know you, you need someone in the group to vouch for you.

All group members are encouraged to create group games, don't just wait for someone else to create them.

Inactive group members are subject to removal.

Dandy Principles

Being in the group gives you advantages. You have easy access to a hand-picked roster of chill, adult, friendly guardians to help fill your games. In exchange for these advantages we ask that you adhere to some reasonable core principles...

  • No rage-quitting, ever
    rage-quitting a session will get you summarily kicked from the group
  • No leaving games at short-notice, not without good reason
    don't leave your team-mates in the lurch short of a full team
  • Group games have priority
    if you committed to a group game, don't leave to join another game
    poaching group players for off-group games is not acceptable
  • Balkanisation of the group is unacceptable
    Engaging in any such activity will get you summarily kicked from the group

You will be called out on breaches!

Dandy Etiquette

Have consideration for your fireteam...

  • Party chat is for your head-set not your TV
    you won't hear the annoying voice echo but the rest of your fireteam will
  • If you insist on game sounds from your TV rather than your head-set, keep the volume low
    you won't hear the annoying echo but the rest of your fireteam will
  • Have a properly working and configured mic
    sudden loudness and distortion is annoying, you are not a mini-cab dispatcher
  • A fan blowing over your mic is loud and annoying
    don't do it, no heavy breathing either
  • Your head-set has a mute button
    use it when you answer your phone, stuff your face, mix your drinks, scream at your kids

You will be called out on breaches of etiquette!

Useful Links

Clan page is here.

Clan stats for raids and nightfalls are available at

Dandies Discord with integrated Charlemagne and the100 bots invite here. Any non-group-members joining the Discord will be kicked and banned.

To help navigate the Underbelly here's an underbelly map.

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators:


Group Sherpas: (?)

Melosaur, James_GT_22, Toe_Kutter104, RosenRakuen, EnviousMrWizard, randomgurg, Jonv8tor, Robinb1605, Archer-Alex70, CraziCatLady1, QBerticas,

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