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Clan of DOGS (We are Alpha DOGS, DOGS Soldiers) [DOGS] Xbox One casual | members: 191


avg. age: 39   mics required   parents   college students
Europe - most members are London time zone.

Welcome all [DOGS] members!

Note from group mod:

We are the [DOGS]

We are a friendly, international clan of older gamers (30+ years old.)
This group is for XBOX ONE (Our PS4 group is here.)
For us, it's all about camaraderie, fun and friendship before score and skill.
Please don't hesitate to post up any games you see fit. Just remember to make them as far in advance as possible to give others time to join up. Timezones are automatically converted in games, so just set what's best for you.

Clan News
DOGS moving to D2 clans. Contact a moderator to join or remain in a DOG clan. See D2 Clan channel in DOG slack to see what is going on. 23 August switch will happen ready or not D2 is coming!

Leviathan is here. Grab your fireteam and go for glory!
When creating or joining an activity, please use the following times as a guide to estimate the time required. This list is based on experienced players, playing at or near max light level for that given activity. This list does not allow for challange modes or Sherpa runs.

  • ---- VOG Normal - 45 min. to 1 hour
  • ---- VOG Hard - 45 mins to 1.5 hours

  • ---- Crota Normal - 30 min. to 1 hour.
  • ---- Crota Hard - 30 min. to 1 hour

  • ---- King's Fall Normal - 1 to 2 hours
  • ---- King's Fall Hard - 1.5 to 3 hours

  • ---- WoTM Normal - 1.5 to 2 hours
  • ---- WoTM Hard - 2 to 3 hours

  • ---- POE or COE - 45 min. to 1 hour

  • ---- Iron Banana - 15min max / round
  • ---- Trials of Osiris - 3 mins / round (or 3 mins for a whole game if you're as bad as me.)

  • ---- Looking to fill that last one or two spots? Try /r/Fireteams on Reddit.
Group Ettiquite

  • --- If you can't make a session you've signed up for, please remove yourself from the activity asap.

  • --- If you are the game host/creator and can't make it, leave a note in game room chat letting people know the host has left so a new host can be appointed. Or delete the session if it does not have enough players.

  • --- If a session shows as full, you can still join as a reserve. And if someone drops, you're IN! So always be available at start time, even if you're a reserve.

  • --- Sometimes a session doesn't get completed for whatever reason, feel free to repost it as a continuation and get it done.

  • --- If you're posting a continuation of a session and you want to keep the original group together, please clarify in the session details that the original players will get priority over random signups.

  • --- When you create a game, you can check "Group Only" to limit the listing to "[DOGS]" members. If your game isn't full a couple hours before the scheduled time, edit the game listing and open it up to all of The100 to fill those empty spots.

  • --- Try to not post "exclusive" games with wild requirements. Try not to use "Must have/be" and embrace our group as a whole. Help the inexperienced to get experience so we have a larger pool of players to draw from. We are a group and should help out like a group. No [DOGS] member should get left behind or feel left out.

  • --- Most importantly, have fun. It's a game. Be friendly and accept that everyone has a different skill level. Don't rage or bring the agro. If something isnt working for you, be polite.

PLEASE NOTE: Please try and be an active member of [DOGS]. After 30 days of inactivity in this group, you will be automatically removed. You will be emailed with a warning before this happens. If you are removed, feel free to rejoin.
And remember above all else, too have fun and shoot stuff!!

Upcoming Games

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12:30 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Not a Sherpa run.....must have at least 5 clears no exceptions.

Game over

12:30 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Argos CP, at least 2 runs. Experience please and some eye watering DPS. As you were.

Game over
Game over

08:30 AM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Sherpa Requested! Looking for a quick clear. I have the final checkpoint. We can run again of group wishes to do so. Please have at least 5 clears. Thanks.

Game over

05:00 AM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Sherpa Requested! Normal chill run. Requesting sherpas in order to get it done quicker. Let’s get it done. Thanks!

Game over

05:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Normal

Sherpa Requested! I posted originally as prestige but switching to normal due to a lack of interest from the masses. Can I get some experienced sherpas to get this done again. I have 7 completions and would like one more. Last completion was under 1 hour. Thanks!!

Game over

01:00 PM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Fresh run, turn up and know what to do. Job done.

Game over

11:30 AM Raid - Leviathan - Lair 1 - Normal

Fresh run, have experience and a sense of humour.

Game over

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