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After8s | PS4 | private group | serious | members: 34 | avg. age: 29 | mics required | parents | college students | London

UK/EU based adult clan playing usually from 8pm GMT onwards. Founded late 2016 by a small few veteran Destiny players, sticking with the game through its ups and downs. Now at approximately 30 members, with an aim to get things done quickly and efficiently, whilst still having fun in the process. Equal parts PvP and PvE focused, with internal clan tournaments being organised frequently. We have a very active clan discord that all clan members are required to join - The intention being we don't want it to just be another LFG, we want to make friends through playing this game we all know and love!

Legend | PC | private group | serious | members: 13 | avg. age: 33 | mics required | parents | college students | Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Welcome to Legend, were a hard core, efficient clan that focuses mostly on End-Game content. We play mostly late evenings into early morning hours. We use Discord for Clan communication: